10 Safety Tips for Storm Season

Storms may be marked by different disruption to the usual weather conditions. These could include thunder, strong winds, hurricane, hail, and heavy rain. Different areas of the world are hit by storms now and then which is why people need to learn how to handle stormy weather. Aggressive storms can lead to the destruction of property including houses, vehicles and other valuables.


The following article will present some of the safety tips for the stormy weather.


Prepare an emergency kit

Storms can occur at any time without any warnings. In severe cases, you may be forced to leave your house to seek refuge. You may also lose power to your house too. An emergency kit will come in handy in such situations as it will help you survive. It should include essential items such as torches, canned food, water, money, and floaters for you and your family.


Develop an exit plan


You and your family should come together and develop various exit plans in case of an emergency. The plans should be clearly communicated and easy to follow. Since you may not all be together during a storm, you create the best communication channel for you to keep in touch. Share emergency contacts and safe meet up points.


Take photos


If a storm announcement has been issued in your area, take photos of your property. Go around your house taking pictures of each room, gadget, and other valuable items. Create a cloud-based storage account where you upload these photos. In case your home gets damaged, you will have evidence to present to your insurance company.


Clean the roof and gutters


Before the storm hits, ensure that your roof and gutters are clean. This will enable water to flow freely to sewerage pipes. Water that is blocked on the roof could cause leakages into the house resulting in the collapsing of the roofs and walls.


Clean your lawn and backyard


This should also be carried out before the storm. Remove any objects that may fly around during the storm. Such items could break your windows during the storm creating to an unsafe hideout zone. Cut off any long tree branches that are near your house too.


Carry out any necessary repairs to your house


This activity that should be completed before the storm hits. Any roof leakages should be repaired to prevent water from getting into your house. Ensure that no pipes are leaking and that the drainage system is also fixed. This will ensure that excess water flows out of the house.


Turn off the power to your house


Lightning is part of the stormy weather. If lightning strikes your house, it could result in a fire. This would lead to an unwanted and extreme destruction of property. As a result, ensure that all electrical devices are unplugged from the power sources.


Adhere to all evacuation orders


The government always notifies its citizens when there is an impending storm and advices them to evacuate. It is essential that you obey these orders for your safety. If the order is given on short notice, leave your property behind and get to a safe place.


Stay indoors


Lighting can strike people who are out in the open. Get inside of the nearest building once you see lightning. Stay away from doors and windows too. Additionally, steer clear of any power cables. Prepare food supply in case you get stranded. Be wary of supplies and don’t waste ingredients. You can shop ahead depending on what your family consumes regularly. Homemade chow mein noodles would be great during a storm but is not practical. 


Do not leave your place of refuge


You might think it is safe to leave when the storm is over. This could be extremely dangerous especially due to storm surges. Wait patiently until it is officially declared that you can exit your shelter.